Friday, July 29, 2011

Vintage Inspired Glam Look

Stylish girls know the trick. They’ll never take « outfit » for an answer to any fashion question. They mix and match, Chanel with H&M... and even better, they add vintage.

Vintage. The mere idea of rummaging through piles of smelly old clothes has you running straight to Gap.

We’re talking real sound advise and cheap vintage treasures here. And the guarantee to look like Chloe Sevigné when you walk out the door. Without the rummaging.

Our glamorous vintage inspired look. Blazer - vintage lime blazer , white simple dress, leather dark brown belt , vintage mustard color necklace , vintage messenger bag , Leather clogs (EmmaGo), leather camel color bracelet (Stylesnob) and finish the look with a vintage tortoise sunglasses

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